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    The Reasons for Rise of the Leftist Political Parties in Post War Europe; The Case of Britain and France

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    This 10 page paper considers why, in 1945, there was a rise of the left wing parties in Europe. Focusing on the reasons for Clement Atlee’s Labour government gaining power in Britain and the French Fourth Republic in France the paper examines how and why this occurred, the motivation of the electorate, the policies that received emphasis and finally why the left wing governments were to loose their power. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    the physical and social structures. The end of the war brought changes. A wave of left of centre governments were elected, both Britain and France saw this change. The reasons  were cloudy at the time, and the results were seen by many as surprising. However, when looking at the political and social situation in the time after the way years  the reasons are easier to understand. Britain Looking at Britain there had been a bringing together if the community and the post  war years were filled with both a type of euphoria as well as increased levels of consensus. Indeed, during the war and the post war years between 1945 0- 1951  may be one of the few times that consensus has been seen in the British political system. To understand the political circumstances  at the time the war ended the events and leading to this outcome must be considered. At the time of the war the Conservative Prime Minister, Winston Churchill had provided  a strong and recognisable figurehead, a much-needed asset to any country at war. However, a wartime leader is not always a good peacetime leader, and the connotations between his  leadership and the recently ended war may have helped the downfall of the Conservative Party. One fact is certain, the defect of his party in the 1945 election came as  a shock (Addison, 1975). To understand how this occurred the previous years must be examined. The down fall may have had its  origination as far back as the coalition of 1940. The war required that the country work together and the Conservative backbenchers resented the level of power granted during the war 

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