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    The Relationship between Sovereignty and Self Determination

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    This 8 page paper considers the thesis that in extraordinary circumstances self determination can place sovereignty in abeyance. The paper includes consideration of what is meant by sovereignty and how it exerts power or is undermined. Examples such as the conflict in Bosnia are used to reach a conclusion that self determination does not place sovereignty in abeyance as the relationship is far more complex, but it may be seen as complimenting it as well as temporarily setting it aside. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    between these two elements are very complex, they are interrelated but also contradictory in nature. Self-determination may be seen as placing sovereignty in abeyance. Indeed, it may be argued that  when sovereignty is not fulfilling the role that those under that sovereignty, and those observing it internationally, that it may be seen as self determination by the individuals that will  guide the future of the state. This may manifest in events such as revolutions were the sovereign power is over thrown and replaced with a new power. The same may  be said when there is not point of reference provided by the sovereign power. These may be seen in times of civil war.  However, in looking at the argument more careful, it may appear that the thesis of self determination being a doctrine that will in abeyance, but in reality it merely places  sovereignty to one side and may operate in conjunction with each other in compliment. To begin the discussion we need to consider  what is meant by sovereignty. It is only after we have considered this we may then consider the interaction and relationship with self determination. A nation state is seen both  internally and externally. This is how it gains power, those inside the nations, in a democracy, will grant the nations power through elections. However, elections are not the only source  of power. By definition sovereignty is the "Supremacy of authority or rule as exercised by a sovereign or sovereign state" (Dictoinary.com, 2002). This is granted to the state, or to  the monarchy which may be in addition to the state, this may occur in many of the democratic countries that also have a monarchy, such as the US, Norway, Spain 

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