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    The Role and Influence of NGO’s

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    This 5 page paper examines the role and influence of non-governmental organisations (NGO’s). After defining the types and ranges of these organisations the paper argues that their increasing power is undermining the power of nation states.

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    members. They are seen by many as independent due to the make up of their ranks of other organisations, groups or individuals. The participants will come from at least two,  but often more states, and are usually volunteers. The volunteers work for, or on behalf of, the NGO as they share the ideals of the NGO and want to promote  their adoption and implementation at different levels within the states where they are active. These international organisations may be seen as different from intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), where the members are  the states themselves. The role of NGOs is wide and varied, as wide and varied as activities groups within many states. They may support such diverse interest as womens  rights, human rights or animal rights though to nuclear disarmament and the protection of the environment, but all on a global basis. The role of the NGOs have several commonalties  for the most part they are respected and have high ideals, although some may be seen as controversial in their aims and the way that they achieve them. There are  many examples, Greenpeace is one of the more controversial NGOs more respected and widely active NGOs include The Red Cross, Amnesty International and the World Wildlife Fund. As well as  influencing states and bring change or helping people the NGOs also may seek to influence the IGOs. NGOs have been around many years, and were present in the global  arena before the twentieth century. Their increased influence may be seen partly as a result of the results that have been realised though their activities in the arena of international  relations. These changes, in some instances have been substantial including the changing of rules or regulations that are transnational in nature as result of their influence. This itself also creates 

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