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    The Six Moons Gym: A proposal for a new health club in New York City

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    This 8 page paper provides an overview of the health club industry with an emphasis on New York. The hypothetical case involves the opening of a gym in the city. Marketing mix is discussed. Information for three competitors is provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    one is interested in opening up a new gym in New York City. In order to do so, one needs secondary and primary research in order to glean information  on the environment to help make strategic decisions. Embarking on such a quest is not easy. There are numerous gyms in New York and one has to wonder if  now is a good time to do so considering the current economy. Also, many businesses have left New York after September 11, 2001. This is both good and bad. New  York suffered great economic losses after the terrorist attack and while some businesses left, others took advantage of the lower rental rates. In light of this, it does seem to  be a good time to get into a business in the city. Yet, research must be done to determine if the health club industry is really healthy.  II. The Gym Industry The gym industry has been quite lucrative in the past few decades. As time goes on, people in the United States have  become more and more affluent. Today, that means not only sunning ones self on the beaches of the world, but also, having the body to do it in style. Indeed,  people of all ages, socioeconomic levels, and of both genders are flocking to health clubs to tighten their abs and build some muscle. It is also something that doctors recommend  and many health insurance companies now support such efforts, at least to an extent. Many have thought that with tough economic times, the industry would lose business. That has not  proved to be the case. The health club industry has been shown to be tough during even the most difficult economic times ("Industry," 2002). Since 1992, when the 

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