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    The Wheatfield School District (Case Study Analysis)

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    This 6 page paper provides a plan to implement a new computer network for a specific school district. The case study (school district profile) is based on information provided by a student. The plan includes dollar amounts based on research in terms of costs of computer hardware and other factors. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    in receipt of money for a special purpose--in this case to update its computer systems and resolve networking problems--the district must decide what to do. In this case study, it  is presumed that the money can be utilized only within a three year period. How should it be used? The following case provides a slew of problems for which only  replacement of most of its outdated machinery, the implementation of a new operating system and hiring outside vendors to properly network hardware, can alleviate the dilemma. II. Case Study  In a case study submitted by a student on the Wheatfield School District, it is learned that the district had received approval from the school board for a technology budget  of $500,000 per year to be used over a 3 year period. It may be used to update technology but must be used within the allotted period.  The case study requests that a network consultant develop a three year plan to implement an update. The consultant should also come up with suggestions to address prospects  for future updates that could go beyond the 3-year allotment. The districts goals, in priority order include resolving the IP addressing problem; connecting the elementary schools to the wide area  network (WAN); providing email and Internet capabilities to all teachers and staff members in the elementary schools; standardization of software used within the district; training plan for all staff  members; students computers should be updated to coincide with WAN; hardware update to 10/100MB ; server updates; solutions for elimination of old equipment; equipment replacement schedule; and maintenance plan  for repairs/additions to the network. III. Technology Plan Information submitted by a student notes that the Wheatfield School District contains about 2,730 students and 930 staff members. The 

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