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    Time, Memory, and Sensual Perception

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    In ten pages this paper examines how within the sensual world, perceptions of experiences along with time and memory are influenced by Eastern philosophy. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    an increasing sensual world. As the viewer participates through, or within the art experience, his physical body is defining that new experience, through his own awareness of perception, memory and  time, therefore each viewer/participant may receive not only their own sense, or perception of the experience, but the back-loop of memory and time as well. Bibliography lists 8  sources. BBmemart PERCEPTION, MEMORY, AND TIME IN THE SENSUAL WORLD Research compiled  by B. Bryan Babcock August 2001   -- properly Note to the student: While I appreciate your telling me of your current project, you only told me of  the old work and then the projected work; perhaps within the framework that this sample paper has established you will find a place to put in a description of what  you have learned from other work that you have made that will support your current conclusions. If you find that it does not fit anywhere, then I would suggest  making a new heading for something like "personal thoughts," and give your explanations within that category. I would place that new category just before the conclusion heading. Introduction  This paper has been written to continue an exploration of the influence of Eastern philosophy on the development of my artistic practice. However, it also brings together, my increased  artistic fascination with the temporal concepts of the physical body in relationship to ideas about perception, memory and time in an increasing sensual world. As the viewer participates through, or 

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