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    Time Phase Changes and Workplace Injuries

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    This is a 3 page paper that provides an overview of workplace injuries and daylight savings times. The paper is presented as speaker notes for a Power Point presentation. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    David Wagner, and was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in early 2009. The purpose of the study was to "examine the differential influence of time changes associated with  daylight savings time on sleep quantity and associated workplace injuries". Speaker Notes 2 The fact that Daylight Savings Time might be correlated with a higher rate of  workplace injury is quite significant both for employers and organizations who face "lost productivity, legal action, turnover, and lost human capital", and for employees who face "lower... quality of life,  ...lost income, and in extreme cases... death". Speaker Notes 3 In order to fully analyze all aspects of the issue, the study makes use of multiple hypotheses.  The first is that people will, in general, sleep less on "phase advance days" (such as the day time shifts to Daylight Savings Time). The second is that people will  sleep more on phase delay days. Also, it is proposed that there will be a greater number of injuries and more severe injuries that occur on days after phase advance  days. Speaker Notes 4 In order to test these hypotheses, it is necessary to measure a variety of variables. Drawing on information on mining industry accidents and  injuries from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, as well as personal time use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the researchers measured the phase changes themselves,  the rate of workplace injuries, and the severity of workplace injuries. Additionally, work experience of the injured workers was measured, so as to control for accidents that may have occurred  simply due to lack of experience rather than insufficient rest. Speaker Notes 5 The participants who took place in this study are the individuals who contributed to 

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