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    Traditional Travel Agencies versus Internet Travel Agencies

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    In twenty pages discusses the Internet effect on the travel industry with German agencies TUI and Expedia.de examined. Eleven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    market leaders Expedia.de and TUI. ABSTRACT There is obviously a great deal of debate concerning online travel agencies versus the traditional travel agencies. The two main travel agencies  in Germany, Expedia.de and TUI are experiencing these very same controversies. Particularly pertinent to myriad hotel needs is Expedia, the main German Internet Reservations System. With its claim  to increase distribution channels and showcase hotels to the world, Expedia contends that the primary concern with the industry needs rests with maximizing the distribution channels. Research findings provided  by Expedia indicate that more than fifty million people across the globe now have Internet access; furthermore, it is expected that in the new millennium the Internet will serve as  host to over one hundred sixty-five million people throughout the world. It is because of these statistics that Expedia believes the travel industrys primary focus should be placed upon  its growing Internet presence. The critical factors of Expedia include providing hotels with a booking engine, the benefit of online, real-time access to rates, availability, reservations and confirmation codes.  Additionally, the existence of Internet partners allows for hotels to be showcased on other sites that otherwise would not be available, enabling a wider audience of potential clientele. Currently,  Expedia services myriad hotels worldwide, including Radisson Hotels Worldwide, Ramada Inn, Travelodge, Wingate Inns, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels, Park Plaza Hotels, Swissotel, Vagabond Inns and All Suites  Hotels & Resorts. According to Expedias site, its primary specialty resides in its ability to provide advanced connectivity solutions for its customers. One can readily surmise that business marketing  is not what it used to be, particularly within the travel industry. With the advent of Internet advertising that reaches far beyond the limited scope of brick-and-mortar stores, travel 

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