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    Trends and Technology of Digital Photography

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    In five pages digital photography is examined in terms of technology and future trends are also considered. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    technology itself it changing rapidly as well, making it constantly more efficient, more advanced, and better able to accomplish more. There are a great many advantages to digital photography,  namely that it photos are able to be transferred to the computer. The future is likely to reveal many more advances in digital photography technology, as the world becomes  more familiar with this means of visual communication. Digital Photography - Then and Now Photography dates back to over 150  years ago, and its impact on the world since that time has been enormous (Digital Photography History, 2003). Photos offer the world visual communication, and they can often capture  what no words can (Digital Photography History, 2003). Furthermore, language is no barrier with pictorial communication, making photography indeed a universal language (Digital Photography History, 2003).  Most recently however, photography has expanded to include digital technology, and this has literally changed the face of photography (Digital Photography History, 2003).  Digital photography is enormously beneficial in todays computer-driven world, and this technology allows the photographer to capture the image, view it, save it and transfer it to a computer  (Digital Photography History, 2003). Furthermore, once the picture has been transferred to computer, the user can manipulate that picture and/or forwarding it on to others (Digital Photography History, 2003).  There are numerous advantages to digital photography (Digital Photography History, 2003). First, it is convenient and flexible, which is  always an advantage (Digital Photography History, 2003). But, perhaps the most significant advantage is that digital photography is computer-adaptable, and therefore people can send and receive photos easily, and 

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