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    Triad Hallmark Store - A Marketing Proposal

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    A 10 page paper that outlines a marketing proposal for the business planning and commercial launching of a corporate Hallmark Crown Store affiliate. Explained and discussed are proposal structure, situation analysis, SWOT analysis, campaign & communication strategy, media plan, appropriation & budget, and keys to ongoing success. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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    sources. LCTriad.doc Triad Hallmark Store - A Marketing Proposal Written by Linda Canada 06/2000 Please Visit  /aftersale.htm I. Introduction - The Proposal Structure This marketing proposal is designed to demonstrate the necessary steps involved in the business planning and commercial launching of a corporate Hallmark  Crown Store affiliate in a potentially profitable location and area. When devising such a proposal, it is recommended that the student concentrate on the five key areas of Situation  Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Campaign & Communication Strategy, Media Plan, and Appropriation and Budget. Each of these key areas is presented, examined and explained in successive sections of this proposal.  II. Situation Analysis It is recommended that the first step taken by a student devising a marketing proposal designed to plan and launch a commercial business of this type  be comprised of a careful and thorough analysis of the area and location chosen for this business as well as the marketing potential that lies within this area. For  the purpose of example, an area centrally located within the state of Texas has been chosen for the commercial launching of a corporate Hallmark Crown Store affiliate. The area chosen  for this proposal is located in Abilene, Texas, a city located approximately 170 miles east of the Midland-Odessa area and 180 miles west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. This  city was chosen specifically for its centralized location within the state of Texas. Being the only major city along the 350-mile stretch of Interstate 20 between Midland-Odessa and Dallas-Fort  Worth, it presents a shopping mecca for a 22-county trade area that covers a distance of 50-60 miles in all directions (Bethel http:// www.insideabilene.com). The city of Abilene alone boasts 

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