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    Typology Theories and Studies on Tourism Motivation

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    In eight pages this paper discusses consumer decision making, typology theories, and motivations in this overview of Weston Super Mare and how overnight guests can be encouraged. Ten sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    of tourists that stay overnight are likely to be divergent from those who only visit for the day. The needs will be reflected in the way that the decision making  process take place and the models of different types of visits that take place. In looking at how any region or town may look to increase the number  of overnight visitors there is a need to understand the consumer behaviour and the way that decisions are made. This means looking at both tourism models and also consumer decision  making models. The development of typographies have aided the understanding of tourism, how and why it takes place. Lew (1987), defines tourism by three approaches; the description and ideographic  definition for different types of attractions, the way that the attractions are organised and how the are developed, and the way that tourism will be experienced and perceived by different  groups of tourists (Lew, 1987). The ideographic perspective, which means the "concrete uniqueness of a site" (Lew, 1987; 55), he also divided these into three main sections, nature sites,  nature and human interface sites, ands human sites. Nature sites can include the general environment, the specific features of an environment, and also inclusive environments (Lew, 1987). The nature human  interface also has separate subdivisions, such as the observational sites the leisure nature sites and also participatory sites (Lew, 1987). Human sites are broken done into three subsets also, with  the recognition of settlement infrastructure, tourist infrastructure and leisure superstructure (Lew, 1987). This is a comprehensive typology, and even at this stage  it can be seen how some of these factors may be more influence in attracting individuals to a site, and then keeping them there over night. Observational sites may be 

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