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    Tyranny in “Much Ado About Nothing”

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    A 4 page paper which examines the tyrannical power possessed by the patriarchal society in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” No additional sources cited.

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    of the play revolves around what the men want, as opposed to presenting the viewer, or reader, with powerful women who play comedic or tragic parts. Often in Shakespeares plays  we have powerful women. This particular play, however, essentially focuses on the men, thus strongly illustrating their patriarchal nature and their tyrannical nature. The following paper examines Act II Scene  I from the play, illustrating how the men in this particular play are truly only concerned with their own desires, and that they will all ultimately use anyone in any  manner in order to gain what they desire. They are tyrants in the fact that they are men playing for the prize. Act II Scene I In this  particular scene there is a great deal of action and activity that can be analyzed as many characters interact. For example, we have Leonato who has taken notice of the  fact that Don John did not show up at dinner. Hero, one of the few females in the story, gives her opinion, and Beatrice, the other female, claims that she  thinks that a man who had both the qualities of Don John and Benedick would make a wonderful man. But, Leonato berates her for being so shrewish, illustrating that she  will never get a husband if she behaves in such a way. This offers us a very powerful image of how the patriarchal system of Shakespeares day worked. Women  were expected to remain in their place, with no dreams, no expectations, and certainly no reality outside of simply being married and having children. Husbands and fathers, and the system  that is ruled by men, all believed that they had the ultimate power and a women best be quiet if she wanted to be married and have children. In this 

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