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    The UK sugar industry is dominated by two companies, British Sugar with 100% of the EU quota for sugar beet and Tate and Lyle which uses 90% of the sugar cane imports. This 7 page paper looks at the UK sugar industry, starting with production and consumption, the paper then conducts a PEST analysis, looking at political, economic, social and technological influences and then a SWOT analysis is performed in the companies, looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    UK Sugar Industry United Kingdom, October 2003. To Use This Report Correctly, The sugar  industry in the UK is an oligopoly, with only two companies supplying the majority of the UK needs. British Sugar is provided by British Sugar, who manufacture sugar from beet,  with 60% of the UK market they also have 100% of the UK sugar beet quota as laid down by the EU (Defra, 2003). The remainder of the market is  made up by Tate and Lyle, who manufacture sugar form imported sugar cane (Defra, 2003). British Sugar is the dominant company, both  in terms of market size and provision, although some sugar is exported. Tate and Lyses production has remained combatant at 1.1 million tonnes of sugar a year for the last  few years, whilst the production of British Sugar has fluctuated. This is shown in the table below. UK Sugar Production 1995/6 - 2000/1 1995/6 1996/7 1997/8 1998/9  1999/0 2000/1 British Sugar 1.322 1.608 1.732 1.565 1.674 1.44 Tate and Lyle 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 Total production 2.422 2.708 2.832 2.665 2.774 2.54  The consumption does not match the levels of production, this has shown a mote definite trend upwards, after a dip when there had  been increased awareness of the health issue surrounding the increased consumption of sugar. The consumption is shown in figure Year 1995/6 1996/7 1997/8 1998/9 1999/0 2000/1 Consumption in millions  of tonnes 2.396 2.327 2.304 2.309 2.323 2.337 In looking at the performance of the sugar industry there are different factors, for this we can use the PEST analysis 

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