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    This 6 page paper considers how the three strips campaign may be adopted in the UK. To consider the approach that should be adopted, the way in which Adidas has failed to communicate effectively in the past is outline and compared with companies such as Nike and Reebok where more effective communication has led to greater market share. The way this campaign may be used to overcome this former difficulty is then outlined with a brief marketing proposal. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    same, or overlapping, markets. The recent successes of brands such as Nike and Reebok have caused some casualties, including the fall in sales of Adidas products. Part of the fall  may be seen in the way Adidas marketing took place and the failure of Adidas to communicate efficiently. They failed to communicate the real value of their product to  the consumer and to create a strong association between their product and the characteristics and perceptions that the company wanted associated with the product. In the US a new  campaign has been launched to seek to regain the favour of the market and increase the effectiveness of communication in their marketing. This is a narrowly targeted market of those  whom may be seen to be a centre of influence (IDEA Health & Fitness Source, 2002). This campaign; called the Three Stripes Campaign, is aimed at instructors and gives them  a discount on the latest products that are available for use in the different areas of fitness and sports (IDEA Health & Fitness Source, 2002). The ranges included are the  shoes, clothing and the equipment (IDEA Health & Fitness Source, 2002). To gain the discount the potential customer needs to prove their status as an instructor in the industry,  this may be undertaken with a company of the certification of the relevant professional body of proof of employment within the industry (IDEA Health & Fitness Source, 2002). The company  sends out a catalogue on a quarterly basis that has the goods available pictured. This is a campaign that may now be considered as suitable to expand to the UK.  To consider how this may be undertaken successfully it is important to understand the way in which Adidas has marketed in the past and the downfall of the campaigns. 

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