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    This 3 page paper looks at UMB Financial Corporation, performs a brief PEST analysis looking at the political, economic, social and technological influences. The paper performs a SWOT analysis looking at the strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    the environment needs to be considered. This will be undertaken with a PEST and a SWOT analysis, before some strategies may be identified. PEST Political Influences There are a  number of influences, the entire financial services industry has been impacted by the Sarbanes Oxley Act, this had impacted not only in terms of the way the company are run  and the data is recorded and reported, but ahs also had an economic impact and an impact on the technology that is used, making aspects of operation more traceable. The  compliance issues due to the way in which legislation has been introduced is high, these include Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)  (McGuirte, 2006). Economic Influences There are a number of economic issues, the US economy is growing slowly, the interests rates have increased which has lessened the level of deposable income  saveable for spending. This usually has the impact of increasing bad debt and with increased repayment levels the demand for borrowing money decreases while, if consumer confidence lowers there is  an increased level of savings, This has the impact of increasing the liabilities (the saved money that banks pay interest on) and decreasing the assets (the loans that earn interest).  The weakness of the dollar is also causing some speciation that interest rates will have to carry on rising. Social Influences There are increasing demand for a range of  different financial services. The social en environment has seen consumers become more knowledge and demand more diverse products, the bank is now expected to provide a range of services from  banking and insurance to brokers services. Technology Influences The use of technology has been a great influence on financial services companies. The internet has revolutionised the way people 

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