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    United Kingdom's Conservative Government from 1979 to 2001

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    In five pages this paper considers the British conservative political party from its 1979 rise to power until its 2001 fall. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    to popularity, this popularity was attained due to a combination of social and economic policies, world politics and the social change that was occurring in world. The first issue that  help create popularity with a large proportion of the voters was the fact the leader was a woman, Margaret Thatcher, was the first female Prime Minister. This was a novelty.  However, to appreciate the rise to popularity of the government that would keep the same party in power for nearly two decades, the situation prior to their election needs to  be considered. In the labour government lifer had been hard for many of the electorate, the constraints on the market place had created limited supplies. For example, those wishing  to gain a mortgage to purchase a property would often have to join a queue (Lawson, 1989). Those with savings did not see any real growth as inflation was high,  power stoppages had been seen in the 1970s as a result power of the unions (Lawson, 1989). Overall the electorate were not seeing an increase in their standard of living.  There was a total change with the election of a Conservative government. In looking at the changes there were direct benefits for many of the electorate, increases living standards  and wealth were to result as a result of the economic policies. Until this time the approach to the economy had been  typically Keynsian, displaying a high degree of government involvement in the economy and a strong trade union base. This was demonstrated by the many industrial disputes of the 1970s such  as the miners strikes and fire brigade work to rules. After 1979 there is a change in the approach to the economy, 

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