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    This 3 page paper answers two questions from a case study. A student applies to go to a university, when attending the open day and then during the application process they are faced with many process breakdowns. The first question identified the breakdowns and the second looks at how they may be approached in order to ratify the processes to prevent future breakdowns.

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    to be set down and understood. The student has had an introduction to the State University with video, this does not appear to have any failures, it introduces the  university and its facilitates making it look attractive and getting the student to the next stage. The next stage was the visit and we see the development of some  confusion here. If the analogy of the boys learning how to pitch is used, the process that the student ids faced with when they first go to the open day  as the State University is akin to the boys learning and being all over the place. The student that is acting as the guide does not appear to have  any system to use to show them around, taking a long time and not even knowing were light switches were. This is totally lacking any real process or systematic stages.  The fact the student felt this indicates that there was little, if and preplanning to the route and the rest stops. It is not only the route that saw  little panning, but also the way in which the commentary was given, the phases that the university was not a bad place to study and that you just have to  learn the systems were not informative and served to confuse the prospective student even more. This could all be very off outing and loose the university a potential student.  The student left the open day more confused than when they arrived. However, the application process also appears to be very confused leading to a breakdown of the application  system. The application appears to be sent in, but does not get dealt with, the transcript is either lost or separated from the applications and then the and then for 

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