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    Verbal Art and Terrorism

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    In ten pages this paper defines verbal art and then applies it to the terrorist acts of 911. Four sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    demonstrates that although despicable the terrorist actions after September 11th 2001 may be seen as a form of verbal art. The bibliography cites 4 sources. TEverart.wps  Terrorism and Verbal Art; The Impact of the Destruction  of the Trade Towers United Kingdom, October 2001. To Use This Report Correctly, The way  in which physical can be seen as reflecting social values and the perceptions of a society may be interpreted differently by the various observers. There are numerous perceptions as well  as expressions of art. From a paining in an art gallery to the building of modern structure we can argue that it is the perception of its presence and the  aesthetic or social value that out weight its structural presence. The symbolism and interpretation are key to our experience of the art form, even if this is in an indirect  rather than a direct manner. If we consider the case of the twin towers of the World Trade centre we see that  they were perceived not only as a commercial centre, but as a part of the New York skyline, inseparable from their background and context the meanings may have been more  embedded in hearts and minds than bricks and mortar, or rather concrete and steel. Now that these towers have been destroyed and their absence has changed the view of the  skyline we can consider the way in which we perceive are, the meaning of reality and vitality as well as the impact on perception that a post modernism approach 

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