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    This 12 page paper is an examination of the telecommunications company Verizon. The paper looks at the background of the company and includes full a EFE matrix, IFE matrix and competitive profile matrix as well as a SWOT analysis. The paper then presents some long term objectives to help Verizon make the most of its current situation. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    a company that has performed well in the years since its creation, drawing in the core compliances of the former companies that came together to create it. The company  is strong due to the high level of market share, the level of technological development, marketing skills and superior financial performance which is the result of good management and economies  of scale. This is also reflected in superior financial performance. The market place is changing, there has been increased demand for the wireless services, this is a demand that  is likely to carry on and also change as technological development are demanded from the buyers when looking for new handsets. The wired market is still important, but has a  lower growth rate as this is a mature market and is projected at declining due to the increased use of alternative technologies. Verizon has developed strategies to further the  demand for the wired services,. Installing fibre optic networks the compnay will be able to deliver a range of complimentary services. As well as the already established broadband services new  evolutions, such as video on demand delivered by the telephone line will also be a potential area of revenue in the future. The main competition is from AT&T, which  are also a large compnay with a high level of business as well as residential consumers. They are also growing aggressively and are in direct competition with Verizon. In order  to compete in the long term the following strategies are recommended * Continuation of the fibre optic network installations * Increased numbers of broadband customers, 20% in the next  3 years. * The development of VoIP services. * Increase in cross selling by 20% in the next three years * Continued reduction in long term debt 

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