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    View of the Tiber with Castel SantAngelo by Bellotto

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    This painting is analyzed in a paper consisting of seven pages. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    of the Tiber with Castel SantAngelo). His work was also often mistaken for that of his uncles, despite the fact that his work diverged in later years. One of his  most famous paintings is "View of the Tiber with Castel SantAngelo." In the following paper we analyze the painting of Bellottos. View of the Tiber The subject of  the painting is as the title suggests, being a painting of the Tiber with a view of Castel SantAngelo. "This view of some of the most famous and beloved monuments  of Rome, including the Castel SantAngelo and the dome of Saint Peters, belongs to the early production of the artist. While it still betrays the influence of his uncle, Canaletto,  it also shows some of Bellottos own style, in particular a sense of immediacy" (View of the Tiber with Castel SantAngelo). This oil painting , painted in 1742, is  one that offers up, as mentioned, perhaps a theme or immediacy in the eyes of some. However, this is not necessarily the only perspective one could take. There is also  a very powerful sense of rejoicing as well as serenity within the picture. One author notes that the painting testifies "a convinced adhesion to the grandiosity of the Roman landscape,  so distant from the restricted Venetian veduta" (Bellotto Bernardo: Venice 1721 - Warsaw 1780). Such a description does offer the possibility of urgency or immediacy in the fact that it  diverges from restricted form, but also portrays a sense of serenity in the grand style of Roman landscapes. Another possible theme in this landscape painting is that of reverence.  It appears as though the sun is rising, or perhaps setting, with the orange and reddish glow focusing on the architecture that appears to be grand and timeless. With the 

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