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    Vision and Environmental Analysis for a New Peruvian Restaurant in California

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    This 8 page paper looks at a proposal for a new Peruvian restaurant to be opened in California. This paper includes the presentation of a mission statement and the vision for the restaurant as well as consideration of the general environment. The paper looks at the general environment, including the economic influences and competitive influences and then uses a SWOT to assess the position of the new proposed restaurant. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    mission for the new Peruvian restaurant to be opened in San Rafael, California will be "to become a favored restaurant for the local community by providing high quality Peruvian food  in an authentic setting to deliver a dining experience which is second to none". The San Rafael area has a large number of restaurants, including some establishments which offer a  South American menu, but none offer a Peruvian menu. Therefore, the vision will include the ability of the restaurant to educate visitors about food from Peru, including the traditional tastes  and diversity of dishes which are available. The vision is not simply to sell Peruvian food; it is to create a pleasurable authentic experience, where the food and the  associated experiences are highly differentiated from other dining experiences. It is envisioned that the authentic aspect of Peruvian food will be achieved with the utilization of authentic recipes, as well  as sourcing of high-quality ingredients, utilizing local ingredients where possible in order to support the ethical approaches to food which support the use of local resources.  In addition to the creation of a welcoming and unique environment that reflects the Inca culture, there will also be the need to provide a high  level of service. The restaurant staff will be viewed as internal customers, with the development of an inclusive cultural with good employment relations. Research indicates that were employees are happy  they are more likely to provide high level service will and create satisfied customers (Cook, 2008). Therefore, the high-quality experience which is unique and differentiated will be provided with a  sound and ethical approach to human resources and sourcing. 2. Macro Environment Analysis to create a viable business plan, and assess the elements of their business plan it is essential 

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