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    This 4 page paper addresses one central question: What if Hitler had not come into power? How might events have been changed? Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    eventually brings the mind around to the fact that events did play out as they did and no amount of what if can change them. Such is the case for  Adolph Hitlers impact during World War II. What might the world have been like had Adolph Hitler never come into power? Interestingly enough, many experts state that Hitler was nearly  killed several times during World War I. In fact, one officer had him in his sites and decided to have pity on the poor man, and so told him to  run, instead(Eubank 1969). In hindsight, one thinks that this soldier played the what if game often. In order to play the what if game one must be in full  command of what did happen. The Nazi party did rise to power, Hitler did assume the leadership of that party, the Jews were forever scarred and decimated, Berlin was sectioned  off and fell to the communists(or half of it did), and the United States was bombed at Pearl Harbor due to Hitlers influence. If Hitler had not survived World War  I, it is very likely that the Nazi party would not have risen as far or as fast as it did with him as its charismatic leader. The Weimar Republic  consisted of several different political parties, all representing those small factions that splintered off from their original parties during the first war(Fleming 1987). This brief government was doomed to failure  from the beginning, it can be said in hindsight. Consider that the average German citizen blamed Weimar personally for acquiescing to the contentions of the Treaty of Versailles. This served  as an already volatile atmosphere. Politically, Germany was in a shambles. This can be said to have been reflected in all the splintered political groups that abounded during this time, 

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