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    7 pages. Controversy abounds in regard to the art of Wassily Kandinsky. In this paper his methodology is explored as well as some of the reasons behind what he was painting and why during certain periods in his life. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    in his life. ABOUT WASSILY KANDINSKY The Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky was born in 1866 in Moscow to parents who were musical artists themselves. It was  their interest in music that led Kandinsky to play musical instruments at an early age, and later his paintings were said to be musical when he looked at them.  Kandinsky loved both music and painting and for most of his life kept both loves intertwined (Wassily Kandinsky 2002). Even though the Russian artist had a deep love for both  art and music, it was to law that he turned, and graduated from the University of Moscow after studying both law and economics. Kandinsky had a great interest in  spirituality as well as the many other things in his life. It was this spirituality that followed him in his paintings and was enmeshed on the canvas as surely  as was the paint. It didnt take long before Kandinsky realized his love for art was the overriding factor in his life and he left Moscow to study his  first loves, art and drawing, and other classes he deemed necessary for a focus on art (Wassily Kandinsky 2002). METHODS IN KANDINSKYS ART Few realize that Kandinsky is considered  to be the founder of abstract art. Though his art was not appreciated at the time, his work has grown to become one of the most important groupings to  be studied in art history. Kandinsky, in his first paintings used oil, ink, watercolor and pencil; virtually any medium it took to express what he needed to get across  on the canvas. Kandinskys purpose was to apply what he felt could be likened to a musical composition using artists mediums to place a symphony on the canvas. 

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