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    Wealth & Power and Television Shows

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    This 2.5-page paper examines wealth and power that is seen on certain reality television shows and how American culture emulates these actors and actresses and fails to practice consumption responsibility. There are 3 sources cited.

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    listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. Wealth & Power and Television Shows  Research Compiled by P. Giltman 9/2010 Please Nowadays, television shows like Keeping Up with the  Kardashians, Entourage and Ugly Betty give the American people, especially impressionable teenagers who watch these shows religiously, false impressions of wealth and power and responsible consumption. In fact, it leads  many people to believe that they can do what they see these actors do and live a lavish lifestyle just like the ones they see on television. They therefore fail  to save their hard-earned money in a responsible way but rather emulate the actors and actresses they see on television and spend way more than they can afford on everyday  things. However, it should be noted that there are television shows (Clark Howard for example) who teach people how to save, spend and consume responsibly. But often times, these shows  are on public access and only viewed by a select audience. The major television networks like E!, ABC, and HBO know that more Americans like seeing the lavish lifestyles exuded  by these actors and actresses and what is unfortunate is that they too feel that they can live that way even though they know they lack the financial resources to  do so. Furthermore, many of these television shows correlate money with happiness. The more money one has the happier one is. When "Who wants to be a Millionaire first  hit cable television it was a smashing hit. Most people believe that watching shows like this is harmless. But others wonder if it hooks people in making it difficult for 

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