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    Website on the History of Antique Telephones

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    In five pages this paper analyzes the http://www.museumphones.com website featuring antique telephones. A visual is also included.

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    Inc., January 2001 Note to student: We are pretending this was a real ad from 1911. I have chosen type font that will reflect that time,  so I would suggest that you not change it. Once you delete this message, you will only need to change a few lines of spacing on this page. Introduction You  can find just about anything on the internet! This ad was just found today at a telephone history site (http://www.museumphones.com), and gives a whole new meaning to the telephone  "lineman." AT&T - Keeping  you in touch ! ARE YOU DARING...YOUNG & STRONG?  If you think you are ready for a challenge  Are willing to learn  (and can easily lift fifty  pounds)  Contact an expanding enterprise American telephone & telegraph 

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