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    A 14 page research paper that consists of the literature review section of a research proposal for a study that would consist of a nursing educational intervention that would improve knowledge about caloric intake versus energy expenditure in an adult population. The studies profiled have to do with diet, exercise and the relationship between the two with various populations. Bibliography lists 30 sources.

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    Chapter 2 Review of the Literature Introduction Recap of problem and purpose for this study : The problem of overweight/obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the US. The  health repercussions of this situation are staggering as an elevated BMI puts individuals at greater risk for a variety of illnesses, including cardiovascular disease. Overweight/obesity results when caloric intake exceeds  energy expenditure. This is a common occurrence in modern society, where many jobs are sedentary, transportation is readily available and low-cost food tends to be high in both sugar and  fat. The purpose of this proposed study is to investigate whether or not an educational intervention that informs adults about how to balance caloric intake with exercise will successfully raise  the level of knowledge in these individuals on this topic and, hopefully, enable them to make better choices. Major concepts, hypothesized relationships among the concepts, population, setting, methods: Major  concepts for this investigation include Body Mass Index (BMI), calorie and caloric intake, exercise and energy expenditure and knowledge pertaining to what constitutes a balanced diet. Hypothesized relationships between these  concepts assume that these concepts are integrally related. For example, a lack of knowledge concerning high calorie foods can lead to an elevated BMI. Gaining weight generally makes an individual  feel lethargic, further disinclining the individual to exercise, which escalates the problem. In regards to population, all age groups in the US are affected by this problem, even children. Consequently  literature has addressed interventions within a variety of settings, with a variety of age groups, and has also explored different methods of intervention. Major concepts and hypothesized relationships between concepts  (The student researching this topic should note that, in discussing major concepts, the writer/tutor noted that this inevitably leads into discussing the relationship between concepts. Therefore, the writer combined these 

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