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    In this 14 page research paper, the writer addresses the failure of social workers to resolve the problem of single mothers on welfare. The paper defines exactly who the individual so-called welfare mother is, what are her singular and particularly unique issues, and how the welfare mother attitudinally perceives `work' and what kinds of skills, background, education and other familial concerns the mother has that can either preclude going into mainstream society as a `worker' of not. Report contains an extensive review of the literature, original methodology, study, tables, charts, etc. Bibliography lists 10+ sources

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    spectrum. Examination of the roles of the social worker as both a formulator and purveyor of social policy has been often closely associated the current view that American social policies  toward single mothers and work have been an overall failure (Crane, 1991). Cited are the burgeoning welfare rates of unwed or single  mothers on welfare. However, it is not clear if the policies and actions of social workers in both background and education, and then field work has been of assistance or  a contributing cause of increased numbers of welfare single mother recipients. Therefore, what is needed is clarification of the problems associated with single mothers welfare recipients and work, beginning from  the idea that often social workers and policy makers have viewed the welfare mother from a paternalistic and romantic view that such mothers were the result of societies inequities, but  yet, on the other hand, the ideal of some social worker agencies was to `empower the mother to do for her self and get off welfare. Furthermore, the critical congressional  view has gone from one of the Great Societies "War on Poverty" to `War on Welfare (Katz, 1989). Both ideals of `empowerment and `paternalism may be misguided, or there maybe  truth in both concepts, however, the welfare mother as a worker is truly a problem of psychological and social dynamics of which in-depth analysis has not been clarified.  Furthermore, each mother on welfare is a single human entity that does not fit the ideal `mold of either the left or  right view of the problem, regardless of how the policy makers, on either side of the political fence try to pigeon hole or corporatize the issues. What must be assessed 

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