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    Wells Fargo; SWOT Analysis

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    This 7 page paper presents a SWOT analysis of Wells Fargo & Company, looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by the business. The analysis is then used as the basis for three recommendations on future strategy. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    The vision statement says that the company wants to "satisfy all our customers financial needs, help them succeed financially, be known as one of Americas great companies and the number-one  financial services provider in each of our markets" (Wells Fargo, 2007) To assess the way in which the company could become more competitive the company may needs to be examined  and the use of a SWOT analysis will be useful. Strengths The company has a large number of strengths, the network in the US is large, there are  more than 6,000 stores and the company has more than 23 million customers (Wells Fargo, 2007). The brand name may also be seen as a major strength, with a  large level of positive associations. For example, Fortune found the company to be the "most admired" large bank and Barrons ranked the company as the 12th most admitted in the  world, Business Week cited it as a company in the top 25 to launch a career and among the top 10 most generous corporate donors (Wells Fargo, 2007). Change Sciences  group ranked the company number one for online mortgage experiences, and keynote Web Excellence ranked Wells Frago as the number two full service online brokerage (Wells Fargo, 2007). In  terms of financial performance fortune found that it was the 29th most profitable company in the world and in the US it was tracked 52nd for revenue production across all  industries (Wells Fargo, 2007), in monetary terms this is a revenue of $ 32,239 in 2006 a profit margin, when measured as earnings before tax of 35.7. The overall returns  for investors are also good with the return equity of 19.84% Mergent Inc rated the company as a dividend achiever based on the last ten years dividend history and with 

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