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    What Can We Learn About The Relationship Between Science And Politics From The Case Of Antarctic Research?

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    This 6 page paper considers how the research which takes place in Antarctica reflects the more general global political and economic conditions. The paper looks at the way research is split, how the power is controlled and the link between science, political power and economic power. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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    look to different subjects they cross over with the way science research takes place and the way this is then reported. This can create a domino effect with the communications  then influencing the way future research is under taken. Many examples of this are seen, from the development of genetic crops to the use of stem cells for medical research.  One area where many lessons can be learnt is that if the Antarctic. The Antarctic may appear to be a remote location with little in common with other areas  on earth. However it is also an area where research has a global impact and the results are of great importance to undertaking life on earth and the way man  is impacting on the earth. Over the last half century more than 60 research stations have been set up, some of the are not longer in existence some have been  replaced and some remain (Elzinga, 1991). The research is undertaken with an international agreement called the Antarctic Treaty. However, it is the work and the way that the work has  been undertaken subsequent to this agreement in 1957 that is interesting, not only for the results, but for the way it demonstrated the changes in the worlds political and economic  foundation (Elzinga, 1991). Looking at the area today, there are twenty four consultative parties to the research which takes place. The majority of countries fulfil their share of research  in the area, reflecting the current global co-operation that is seen in the political arena. This is illustrated by the fact that only one of the twenty four countries, Belgium,  does not have a research station in the Antarctic. However, the research may reflect this globalisation, but it also reflects the way in which there is separation and 

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