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    What Do the Parties Stand For?

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    What do American political parties really stand for? This essay uses the web pages of the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties to answer that question. This paper has six pages and three sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    many countries in the world, minor political parties have not, as yet, played a significant role in national elections. An examination of the web homepages for the major political parties  reveals a great deal about the policies of these political organizations, and these stand out even more so when contrasted against the issues outlined on the homepage of the Libertarian  party, one of the USs few alternatives to the major political parties. The principal focus of the Republican Party homepage is to promote President George W. Bushs tax cut  plan. The top three stories on the page all concern backing the presidential plan and offer a clickable link to more information on the tax cut proposal. This orientation is  indicative of the traditional Republican focus on minimal government. Republican policy, in general, has historically proposed that there should be as little government intervention as possible in the workings  of the marketplace and this is reflected in a tax cut that would, presumably, stimulate the US economy by allowing citizens to keep more of their income. But while  the Republicans advocate keeping the government out of the way of business, the GOP also has historically supported what is politically known as "family values" which entails advocating legislation that  would serve to make traditional moral stances law, rather then a matter of personal choice. The crux in this argument is, of course, the stance of many conservative Republicans relative  to abortion. This issue causes an interesting dichotomy between the Republican and Democratic homepages. One of the lead stories on the Democratic Party homepage refers to Democratic National Committee  Chairman Terry McAuliffes accusations that the Bush administration has already seriously impaired a womans right to choice in regards to this issue. According to McAuliffe, President Bush has effectively banned 

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