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    What Makes a Good Speaker?

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    In eleven pages this paper discusses the components of delivering a good speech in a consideration of form or structure, content, and presentation with good speaker characteristics and troubleshooting also included. One source is cited in the bibliography.

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    incite the audience to take some kind of action. Informational talks offer insight into a products research, quality, or probability for future uses. While speeches can be one of the  three kinds listed above, it can be argued that a truly good speech delivers an element of all three. No matter what the genre of speech it is, all speeches  follow a similar format: introduction, followed by three major points, then a summary or conclusion. In the introduction the three major points that are about to be covered in length  are introduced and briefly a reason why they have been included is added. The introduction should not ramble, but should leave no doubt in the audiences mind about that which  you intend to cover. Some clever ways in which speakers do this is to open with a personal ancedote, something that ties in with the actual topics that will be  covered. Others tend to start with a gripping statistic such as: Nearly one fourth of the population in the Middle Ages died from an attack of the Black Plague. A  very good follow up to this statistic could possibly be: I submit to you today, that the Black Plague never left us, figureatively speaking, and that it only lies dormant,  waiting for the opportunity to makes a reappearance. Whatever the technique used for the introduction, the first point should be one of the most important points a speaker has to  make. The point should be direct, stating figures and charts if necessary and leave the listener with a desire to know more. The strategic use of a slight pause after  the mention of the first point, is a clever device that many speakers utilize. This is a non-verbal cue that reemphasizes the statement that has just been made. Also, a 

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