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    Whistle Blowing and Confidentiality in the Healthcare Professions

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    This 29 page paper examines the relative issues that affect health care professionals pertaining to whistleblowing with regard to confidentiality and the breach of the UK law. The paper conducts an in-depth literature review including examining the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and relevant legislation and cases concerning confidentiality. The paper then determines a methodology for primary research in how these potentially conflicting aspects of law are reconciled by healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, and suggests a questionnaire which could be used to conduct primary research. The bibliography cites 22 sources.

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    Interest Disclosure Act 1998 6 2.1.3 The Impact of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 8 2.2 Confidentiality; The Legal Position 9 2.2.1 General Confidentiality 10 2.2.2 Human Rights Act 14 2.3 Approaches to Whistle Blowing 17 2.4 Appraisal of the Literature 20 3. STUDY  DESIGN 21 3.1 Methodology 21 3.2 Potential Questionnaire 26 4. CONDUCTING THE STUDY 29 5. FOCUS OF THE QUESTIONS 30 REFERENCES 31 1. Introduction There are many industries where wrong doing can result in harm to the community,  society or the individual. Where an organisation is undertaking wrongful acts an employer or individual with inside knowledge may find themselves in a difficult position, torn between the desire to  prevent the wrong from continuing and the loyalty as well as confidentially owed to the organisation. In the past those who have made their concerns public have found themselves castigated  and forced out of their jobs, isolated and in some instances even having to leave the country to find work. This has usually been the case regardless of whether than  act of revealing the knowledge was an act of revenge or sabotage or an act in the public interest. Collectively those who have broken ranks with the organisations to reveal  information to the public, either directly or through a suitable authority, are known as whistle blowers. 1.1 Background to the Study The importance of whistle blowers has been realised in  the last decade, those on the inside of an organisation have the advantage of provided information, this also places them in a stronger position that those outside to see if  there is wrong doing. In many instances this may be financial and may cases have revolved around finial misdeed. However we can argue that when there are issues in  the healthcare industries, both the National Health Service as well as private health care organisations, the issues are of great importance. The ability to a whistle blower raise the alarm 

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