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    Why Linux is Better Than Windows

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    In four pages this argumentative essay examines why Linux is a better computer operating system than Windows, with three supporting points provided focusing on cost, security, and adaptability. Three sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    it a superior operating system (OS). This conclusion, however, is attributed more to Windows aggressive product marketing than on any factual basis. Windows may offer the attractive features  of being pre-installed on computer hard drives and easy USB accessory connections that transform computers into virtual plug-and-play devices. Nevertheless, installing an operating system - while perhaps more time  consuming - is hardly difficult - and while Windows may be a timely way to get computer systems up and running, it proves to be a considerable challenge and source  of aggravation to keep them running. Windows operating systems - most notably the recent Vista fiasco - are known for their frequent crashes and susceptibility to viruses and malware  attached to downloaded files. There is a much more effective alternative that takes little time to install and counteracts Windows weaknesses with strong performance and durability - Linux. The  old saying "you get what you pay for" does not apply in this instance. While Windows may already be installed on its PCs during their manufacturing process, consumers are  paying a high price for this convenience. When upgrades (which are constant as Windows users well know) are needed, this is an additional cost of hundreds of dollars.  Linux is an open source file, which means it is completely free for downloading on its website, http://www.linux.org, and its subsequent distributions are also free of charge, which keeps computer  purchasing costs down (Spanbauer, 2008). After determining the desired distribution, users simply have to download, burn, and install Linux on any and all computer systems (Spanbauer, 2008). There  are also no software licensing fees (unlike the $300 per-seat full version of Windows Vista Business Business Edition, for example) (Spanbauer, 2008). The adaptability of Linux is extremely 

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