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    Why School Vouchers Will Not Work

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    This 11 page paper presents an argument against school vouchers but also goes on to make a proposal. Without using vouchers, the only thing left to do is to fix public education. Specific recommendations are made. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    afford to go to private school, a chance at a private education, something that usually only the wealthy can afford. The vouchers would of course mitigate the cost of private  instruction. Proponents of vouchers programs-- and other ideas such as charter schools and home school--say that the public school system is broken and the way to fix it is to  farm out the responsibility of teaching students to the private sector. After all, many things are done well by private firms. Why not education? The education controversy is heated. Nelson,  Palonsky & Carlson (1999) emphasize the convergent views on this subject. Indeed, there are people on both sides of the issue. In examining the issue of public education and voucher  programs, it becomes clear that voucher systems impede the purpose of public education. Also, the problem is that the school systems are broken, so the remedy should be to fix  them, not to look at alternative systems. In examining the studies and the arguments for and against vouchers, it does appear that vouchers are unnecessary. What is important however is  to carefully examine public education and fix it. II. The School Voucher Argument A survey taken by Phi Delta Kappa in the summer of 1996  claimed that about 60 percent of the people polled said that students should not be able to attend private school at public expense(Hodge, 1996). Because this was only a poll,  and the statistics show that there is a 40/60 split on this issue, one can probably safely assume that the opinions are likely just about evenly divided. In other words,  half the people in the nation want a school voucher program and the other half does not. Proponents argue that vouchers allow for choice. At the same time, choice already 

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