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    Why Study the Old Testament?

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    A 3 page research paper/essay that explores reasons for studying the Old Testament (OT). The writer discusses how the manner in which the OT addresses life questions is still relevant; the power of the word of God and the connection of the old covenant to the new in the person of Jesus. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    can be disconcerting to the modern reader, but that it is essential to try to understand the Bible on its own terms. During the time of the Old Testament,  the faith of Israel was grounded in revelation of the Almighty, as mediated through historical experiences, of which "the Bible is the record and witness" (Anderson, 1957, p. vii). While  the "modern" view of religion looks at "timeless circumstance," the people of the Old Testament regarded truth and spiritual revelation as inseparable from their specific time and place (Anderson, 1957).  To put it mildly, this is a powerful perspective, that is, that Old Testament scripture represents the interaction of the human race with the most powerful entity in the universe.  It leads us to Jesus the Messiah Throughout the Old Testament, the major theme that connects and ties all of its various aspects together is the concept of covenant.  This term literally means a "contract" with God and, in regards to the Old Testament, specifically the covenant that was established via the Ten Commandments, as well as by the  various pronouncements of the prophets. It is from this concept that the Jewish people drew their identity. It provides the reason why the Jewish people lived apart from  others and did not "defile" themselves by adopting the customs of the cultures to which they were exposed. It is this covenant that leads directly to the new covenant that  was established by Jesus the Messiah. It is necessary to understand the ramifications of what came before in order to understand the true meaning of what came after. It  deals with life questions While much has changed since biblical times, human nature has not. The Old Testament is very specific as to how human beings should live their lives. 

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