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    Why Turkey Should Not Be Granted Full EU Membership Status

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    This 5 page paper is an argumentative essay, advocating that Turkey should be refused membership to the EU. The arguments utilized include the political issues of Northern Cyprus, economic issues and security issues. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    number of years but has still not managed to realize this goal is Turkey. Turkey applied to join the European Union on the 14th April 1987, by December of that  year the opinion of the commission was that Turkey did not meet the relevant criteria to join the union. Accession negotiations were subsequently started in 2005, but negotiations have failed  to progress. Despite this long history of seeking membership, and the granting to Turkey favored trading status Turkey still wishes to join  the EU, and resistance to remains. It may be argued that Turkey is one of the most controversial applicants, and when looking at the situation, as well as the possible  impact of Turkey joining the EU, that membership should still be rejected. There are a number of issues regarding the accession of Turkey  into the EU. One of the key issues is the Cyprus problem. Cyprus is a full member of the EU, but the northern part of Cyprus has been occupied by  Turkish forces and has declared itself to be the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The political situation between the predominantly Greek Cypriot communities in the South and need predominantly Turkish  Cypriot communities in the North had always been difficult. Following a coup d?tat in 1974 the island was partitioned, and many inhabitants resettled in the area that reflected the ethnicity.  The northern part of the island has only been recognized as an independent state by Turkey, with the rest of the world, including the European Union and United Nations, recognizing  the claim to sovereignty by the Republic of Cyprus. The Annan Plan, which proposes a foreign reunification, was supported by the Turkish Cypriots, but rejected by the Greek Cypriots did 

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