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    William Bradford and Captain John Smith as Examples of American Colonial Writers

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    In five pages the styles of colonial writers Capt. John Smith and William Bradford are compared and contrasted. There are six sources cited in the bibliography.

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    and a place for opportunity and dreams. Their writings reflected the colonist view away from the restrictions of British society. Captain John Smith was considered one of the first historians  ever to document the colonists experiences in his writings about his time at Jamestown and his travels throughout New England. Using a fairly simple and open narrative, he provided detailed  maps and descriptions of the areas in addition to adventurous tales of his own and others. William Bradford who was one of the original arrivals in Plymouth on the Mayflower  also wrote of his experiences in the new world but his text was based largely on his Puritan faith and compared their quest heavily to that of Pauls in the  Bible. Despite Bradfords more sober style of writing, he also saw the new world as a land of opportunity as did Smith and the other colonists.  During the colonial and revolutionary period in American history arose historians who began the genre of early American literature and their writings reflected a population of  men who had crossed the Atlantic from Britain in order to find their dreams. The literatures of the early Virginians were very popular and the writers were full of enthusiasm  to tell its readers of the new lands and enterprises they had acquired and fought for (Bassett: Smith, 2002). The first historian from the new British colonies and the first  in Virginia was Captain John Smith who, at the age of 27, landed at Jamestown in 1607. Smith was a member of the council who were instructed to establish a  colony at Jamestown and accomplish three main tasks: one, to discover mines similar to those discovered by the Spaniards in Mexico; two, to convert the Indians to Christianity; and three, 

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