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    Wireless Sensors; Abstract and First Chapter

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    This 5 page paper is the abstract and the first chapter for a project that looks at the problems of powering wireless sensors and how the high end language MATLAB may be used to resolve these problems. The paper includes an introduction, problem statements, research questions and methodology. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    power of these sensors is a challenge due to the limitations that they face in terms of size, weight and even the need to resist the elements. Batteries are  seen by many as impracticable so power sources such as solar energy and vibrations are two of the many sources of energy that have been explored as well as how  the energy sources may be maximised. This paper looks at all of these and then considers how to use of the high end language MATLAB can help with the development  of the sensors and their power systems and integration into the network they are meant to operate within. Chapter 1 1. Introduction The use of wireless sensors is  becoming increasingly importantly. There are a wide range of sensors used in everyday life from thermostats on fridges and the use in controlled environments to application such as micro aircraft  used for spying and other military applications (Mokhoff, 2005). The use of sensors is wide ranging, and growing wit the development of smart machinery. At the same time there  are also increasing concerns over safety, many of the sensors would, as well as providing increased control over an environment, present potential difficulties in terms of powering wit the need  for wiring that may be exposed, dependant on the location of the sensors, and may also present safety risks. This presents major problems in terms of the way  the sensors can be powered IN the past the use of batteries has been seen, with the ability to change the battery but avoid the risks and cost of wiring  the sensors. However, this is very constraining. 2. Problem Statement If the use of sensors is increasing this poses several problems for the design of the sensors. Sensors will need 

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