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    Women in Management: A Retail Case Study

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    An 18 page paper which examines the experiences and conditions of women in management in the retail business. The paper examines the conditions and then argues that progress has been made in the past, and more progress is to come. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    of women in the military is bound to have somewhat different results than a study which involves women in nursing. And, the study of women in retail management is bound  to have different results than a study of women in the field of electronics. Interestingly enough, while we can obtain many different results from numerous studies, it is perhaps the  case that when we speak of opportunities and progress for woman we are talking about all fields of involvement in combination. As such, through examining only one field of involvement,  as it pertains to power positions for women, we can gain a more definitive understanding of where women fit into the grand scheme of things. Retail management offers an excellent  opportunity to gather valid information pertaining to women in management for it is a field that clearly concerns women just as much as it concerns men. Both men and women  are consumers, and as such the retail industry knows that they must both be addressed. In the following paper we examine some of the data available concerning women management  in the retail industry. The paper then presents a discussion of the data presented, and then moves on to examine the future of women in retail management. In the end  the paper indicates that a great deal of progress has been made in the past few decades and that perhaps even more progress will be seen in the near future.  The Data We begin a discussion of the data available by examining an article by Prior (2002). According to Prior (2002) "Retailers have been talking about the need  for diversity for decades. In fact, many have created well-established positions such as chief diversity officer or vp of diversity within their executive ranks to tackle the topic" (p. 25). 

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