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    Women's Perception of Female Images in Ads

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    A 12 page research paper that offers a student assistance in designing a qualitative research project that proposes to investigate the effect that viewing print media ads and their presentation of the female body has on women consumers. Tutorial language and the page count includes a 2 page annotated bibliography. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    modern society. While women have made tremendous advancement in terms of education and career opportunities over the last half century, there has simultaneously been increased pressure from the mass media  to achieve an "unrealistic standard of beauty" (Choate, 2005). In order to conform with the images of the female body that women see in advertising, they must be "White, young,  tall, firm but not excessively muscular," as well as "curvaceous, full-breasted and extremely thin" (Choate, 2005). For most women, breast size is a function of their percentage of body fat,  which means that attaining extreme thinness means smaller breasts. Consequently, many women feel so pressured to conform to the societal standard of beauty that they undergo breast augmentation, as well  as other plastic surgeries. Research has verified the extreme negative psychological and emotional consequences of body image dissatisfaction. Research has also associated this trend with the images of female bodies  in media advertising. A study conducted by Tuner and colleagues in 1997 evaluated body image among two study groups of women who were matched to be statistically similar in weight  and height after viewing magazines for a brief period. One group of women scanned a news magazine and the other group scanned a fashion magazine. The women who viewed the  fashion magazine indicated greater body dissatisfaction than the control group after only a brief exposure to type of advertising (Choate, 2005). This brings up the question how viewing specific  types of ads that feature the popular ideal of female beauty, as indicated above by Choate (2005), affects the immediate psychological and emotional response of female viewers. In other words,  the proposed research project will explore the implications of the Turner, et al, experiment to greater depth through direct interviews with female participants. Literature review Advertisers employ sexual imagery 

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