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    The writer discusses some of the changes that have occurred in the traditional workplace since the dotcom explosion. The paper is six pages long and there are six sources listed in the bibliography.

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    change in the workplace are discussed in this well-researched paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources. JGAlbrpt.rtf Changes in the Traditional Workplace 10/2001 For More  Information on How to Use This Paper Properly, INTRODUCTION With the onset of the dotcom revolution we have seen some changes in the traditional working  relationships between employee and employer as well as other changes within the workplace. Not all of this change is due to new technology but to new economic impact as  well. These and other reasons for change in the workplace are discussed in this well-researched paper. THE IMPACT OF E-COMMERCE ON THE TRADITIONAL WORKPLACE With the advent of  internet-based retailing and the huge growth seen in the last two years in this sector, there is not surprisingly a change taking place in the traditional sense of the workplace.  Employers need to take charge of this and ensure that the employees still feel as though they are part of the corporate family even though the majority of business  is sometimes internet based. An internet e-tailer can hold a solid focus upon just what the company wants to represent within their industry. By working diligently to achieve and  maintain a sound and respected operation, Internet e-tailers can endeavor to be the dominant provider of supplies and services in all of the markets served. Along with focusing upon  the needs of its target consumer, the company also will want to look within and attempt to make its employees feel as though they can be proud to work for  the corporation. Indeed, just as would any brick and mortar store, an internet-based company should aspire for their company to be an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding place to work, 

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