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    World View and the Changes Brought About by Photography

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    In five pages this paper examines world view changes as a result of photography and its far reaching impact. Five sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    wider ranging and deep. The bibliography cites 5 sources. TEphotoc.rtf How Photography Has Changed Our View of the World United Kingdom,  November 2002. To Use This Report Correctly, The presence of photography is taken for  granted. The pictures in newspapers books and other media have changed the way we see the world. The change has been gradual, starting in earnest when in 1838 photography  become accessible to the public (Leggat, 1992). The popularity of the photograph was reflected in the growth of photographic shops, in the 1840;s only a few existed on London but  by 1855 there were 66, and in 1857 this had increased to 147. New York saw similar increasers. The use of photographs was noted for changing the way man  was seeing himself. The poet Charles Baudelaire said of this increase in photography that "our squalid society has rushed, Narcissus to a man, to gloat at its trivial image on  a scrap of metal" (Leggat, 1992). When the view of self changes it is inevitable the view of the world will change. The ability of the camera to catch  images was distinct change in the former methods, where it was an artists perception that was caught, which no matter how accurate was not able to include all details. This  meant a greater perception of reality in photographs. Although the photographs began as images of families, the technology was also used to record landscapes and even war scenes in the  Crimean war. However, these had little impact, not due to the content, but due to the lower level of access to the resulting pictures. The impact that photography had 

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