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Papers On Central America and Puerto Rico
- only page in subcategory -
El Salvador / A Comprehensive Study : 10 pages on the
population, economy, and political problems in the history of
modern El Salvador. Plenty of statistical data is provided and
cited. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Elsalvad.wps

The Murky Mystery of El Mozote : 12 pages in length.
Examination of the massacre in El Salvador from a sociological
perspective. Writer uses theories of Marx, Weber, and
Durkheim to evaluate the issue. Bibliography lists 12+ sources.

The American Invasion Of The Panama Canal (1989) :
A 10 page paper that reflects upon the history of the Panama
Canal leading up to the invasion, and also recognizes the
implications of the invasion and treaties on the prospects for
the future. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Panama.wps

Sor Juana de la Cruz : This 8 page paper provides an overview
of the life of this seventeenth century legend who has also been
called the first feminist of the Americas. She was a nun as well.
This paper explains why she should be considered a feminist.
Definitions of feminism are explored. Bibliography lists 5
sources. SA16Cruz.wps

Essays on Puerto Rican History / 18th - 20th Century :
11 pages worth of well-developed essays concerning : Puerto
Rico's role in the Caribbean (also its similarities & differences
to other regional countries), the economic importance of coffee
during the 18th century, sugar & slave labor in the 19th century,
the impact of becoming a U.S. territory, trade after WW I, the
Chardon Plan, the P.R.R.A., and more. Bibliography lists 4
scholarly sources. Puertori.wps

Cuba & Sugar (1900-1915) : A 3 page paper discussing the
various conditions which were a result of the United States’
involvement in the production of sugar within Cuba from 1900
to 1915. Cuba had been involved in the production of sugar for
many years prior to 1900. The involvement of the United States
in the early part of the century changed the way the sugar
industry was run to a very large extent. While this was harmful
in some ways, in others it was beneficial to the country that was
in a state of upheaval at the time. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Issue of Puerto Rican Statehood : A 3 page examination
of the controversy over whether or not Puerto Rico should
become a state. The discussion focuses mainly upon the
opinions of Puerto Rican natives-- who already enjoy the
highest standard of living in Latin America. It is believed that
Puerto Ricans would rather remain a commonwealth so as not
to sacrifice their own prized nationality & culture. Bibliography
lists 3 sources. Puertost.wps

The Puerto Rican Justice System : A 4 page research paper
on the constitution and laws of Puerto Rico. The writer details
provisions of the constitution, the application of U.S. federal
law, and the nature of the civil laws. Bibliography lists 3
sources. Puertola.wps

Puerto Rican Migration & The Quest For Social Equality :
Beginning with a history of reasons Puerto Ricans came to the
mainland, this 15 page research paper delves into the
psychology of today's new migrant and the need for empathetic
social service programs. It is argued that Puerto Ricans can best
be serviced by those who are of their own culture, or at least --
of their Latin-America background as it is difficult for anyone
else to earn necessary trust. Suggestions and specific cultural
examples are provided throughout. Bibliography lists 14
sources. Puetomi2.wps

Puerto Rican Migration / Push & Pull Factors : A 14 page
examination of reasons why Puerto Ricans have flocked to the
mainland U.S.A. since Puerto Rico became a territory. The
early struggles endured by Puerto Ricans are described in
considerable detail as are some of the system's failures in trying
to advance the Puerto Rican community in America today.
Bibliography lists 9 sources. Puetomig.wps

Puerto Ricans on the Mainland : A 10 page paper focusing
on this topic. THe writer looks at the impact on the US of
Puerto Rican migration, and examines how this ethnic group has
assimilated into the culture. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pr.wps

U.S. / Puerto Rico Relations : A 5 page paper that discusses
how Puerto Rico is an iconoclastic synthesis of two
governments--the imposed U.S. government and the remnants of
the Spanish commonwealth that were in effect at the time the
U.S. assumed control of the island in 1898. The paper explores
these issues in light of legislative and judiciary branches, and by
differentiating taxation and entitlements between Puerto Rican
citizens and U.S. citizens. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Puerto Ricans & The Continuance of Inner-City Dwelling :
This 9 page research paper looks at the socioeconomic reasons
why Puerto-Ricans first chose their mainland homes in large
U.S. cities like New York and continue to live there today
despite suburban sprawl and the ability to move elsewhere.
Social, cultural, and even psychological reasons are provided
from an historic perspective. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Industrialization and Puerto Rico : A 7 page research paper
in which the writer provides a factual account of the
industrialization of Puerto Rico and its affects on lifestyle, food
availability, economics and politics. This paper focus on the
current status of Puerto Rico as a developing nation and reflects
on Puerto Rico's conflict over its desire for independent
nation-statehood. Bibliography lists 10+ sources. Indpuert.wps

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