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Papers On Irish and Scottish Literature 
- last page in subcategory - (Page 3)
Oscar Wilde & the Hidden Life : A 6 page analysis of the
theme of one’s hidden self in three of Wilde’s works: The
Picture of Dorian Gray, The Importance of Being Earnest,
and Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime. The paper concludes that
Wilde was desperately afraid of becoming ruined by public
recognition of his homosexuality, and this fear is reflected in
the emotional barriers erected within his fiction and plays.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wildlife.wps

Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” / Theme Of Art
For Art’s Sake :
A 10 page paper discussing Oscar Wilde’s
only novel. The paper argues that Wilde’s choice of subject
matter and treatment creates an artistic experience
unencumbered by the need to moralize over it -- in short, ‘art
for art’s sake.’ Bibliography lists 5 sources. Dorian.wps

Oscar Wilde's "The Importance Of Being Earnest" : A 6 page
paper on Wilde's play in which the writer discusses the
superficial vanities and prejudices of Victorian society.
Important to this discussion is the meaning of "Earnest" and
in that sense, the title of this work. How Wilde uses wit and
sarcasm to present relevant stereotypes and prejudices is
well-explained. FREE outline included. Bibliography lists
7 sources. Wilde.wps

Moliere's "The Misanthrope" vs. Wilde's "The Importance 
of Being Earnest" :
In 5 pages the writer compares and
contrasts the characters of Alceste and Cecily. "Although
Alceste in 'The Misanthrope' and Cecily in 'The Importance
of Being Earnest' are two very different characters and two
very different writers write the stories, they amazingly share
common bonds. Both stories are comedy's, but for different
reasons. Alceste would think that Cecily is much to
frivolous, and Cecily would abhor Alceste's brutal honestly,
and his lacking of a sense of humor. Bibliography lists 2
sources. Alcestes.wps

Sir Walter Scott’s "Ivanhoe” / An Accurate Representation
Of Its Time :
A 5 page paper discussing Sir Walter Scott’s
novel “Ivanhoe” and its accurate representation of the
timeframe in which it takes place. Bibliography lists two
sources in addition to the book “Ivanhoe” itself. Ivanhoe.doc

Sir Walter Scott’s "Old Mortality" / Analyzed : This 5 page
research paper examines the 1816 novel of historical fiction,
Old Mortality, which chronicles the Covenanters, their
struggle for religious freedom, as well as considers the role
played by female characters. Bibliography lists 1 source.

Sir Walter Scott’s "Waverley" / Analyzed : This 5 page paper
examines the 1814 novel, Waverley, by Scottish novelist Sir
Walter Scott. Specifically discussed is how the novel
qualifies as romantic, in terms of definition and the author's
medieval concept of the term. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Maria Edgeworth / Irish Writer : A 10 page paper in which
the writer discusses a complementary mix of extraordinary
literary talent and benevolence for all mankind is what best
exemplifies the life of Irish novelist Maria Edgeworth. Her
works were considered groundbreaking back in the 1800's,
and her compassion toward her fellow man in the face of
adversity was unparalleled. The writer chronicles her life
and times, as well as discusses a few of her better known
books. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Edgewrth.wps

Angela’s Ashes / A Tribute to Endurance : A 5 page paper
looking at Frank McCourt’s memoir of his impoverished
childhood in Ireland. The paper shows how McCourt’s
mother, Angela, held the family together through crisis after
crisis, and contributed to the formation of her sons’
character. Bibliography lists three sources. KBmccourt.wps

J.M. Synge (1871-1909) : This 15 page report gives an
overview of the life and work of Irish dramatist J.M. Synge.
The report also discusses the Aran Islands off the west coast
of Ireland and the powerful impact they had on Synge.
Synge is best-known for The Playboy of the Western World
produced in 1906. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Synge.doc

Shattering Silence / Gender Differences In Northern Ireland :
A 5 page examination of the role of gender differences in the
conflicts of Northern Ireland. Based largely on the book
“Shattering Silence: Women, Nationalism, and Political
Subjectivity in Northern Ireland” by Begona Aretxaga.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. IrishWom.wps

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