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Papers On American Literature - last page
in subcategory - (Page 59)
John Kennedy Toole's "A Confederacy Of Dunces" / Its
Relevance Today :
10 pages in length. To presume that
Ignatius J. Reilly was merely a figment of John Kennedy
Toole's literary imagination is to say that this personified
manifestation of humanity does not live around every corner
of every town. Indeed, the Ignatius J. Reilly's of the world
are alive and well and infiltrating every segment of society, so
much so in fact that reading Toole's A Confederacy of
Dunces can be likened to a reflection upon contemporary
civilization. The writer discusses how Reilly represents all
the sourpuss negativity that permeates within and among this
planet's inhabitants. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Hope Leslie : A 5 page paper discussing the book “Hope
Leslie” by Catherine Maria Sedgwick. This is a novel set in
early America and deals with the subject matter of the Native
Americans and other prevalent issues of the day, in a
completely different manner than perhaps any book has
before. Sedgwick approaches her subject matter from a very
skeptical, and obviously disgruntled, position in which she
examines puritanical attitudes and the position of women in
society. No additional sources cited. Hopeles.wps

“The Journey Into the Whirlwind” by Eugenia Ginzburg :
This 5 page report discusses the horrendous injustice of what
Eugenia Ginzburg faced in terms other than her painful
imprisonment. Instead, it examines the idea of betrayal of an
individual by the system which she has chose to support her
entire life. Bibliography lists only the book itself as a source.

The Ox Bow Incident : A 5 page critical analysis of the book
“The Ox Bow Incident” by Walter Van Tilburg Clark. The
book takes a bit of work to get involved in, starting out
slowly with overly involved descriptions of characters, yet
quickly becomes a truly excellent study of the condition
known as mass hysteria, or mob mentality. The author
describes the inner reasoning of the characters and gives the
reader an excellent insight into these conditions. Bibliography
lists 4 sources. Oxbow.wps

Doris Lessing’s “To Room Nineteen” / Use of Setting &
Color :
Doris Lessing’s story “To Room Nineteen” is a story
about the repression of the human spirit and seeming
unending emptiness and personal alienation that come as a
result of social, cultural and even ethnic divisions. Susan
Rawling, Lessing’s main character, vacillates between sanity
and insanity, and her struggle to escape the accompanying
alienation comes through a view of her surroundings. This 2
page considers this argument by considering the action in
Lessing’s work. No additional sources cited. Dlessing.wps

Conventionality and Freedom in Lessing’s “To Room
Nineteen” :
A five page paper looking at this compelling story
by Doris Lessing. The paper discusses the protagonist’s
difficulty in separating her emotional needs from her culture’s
expectations of women’s roles. No additional sources.

Culture in Lessing’s “The Summer After the Dark” :
A twelve page paper on Doris Lessing’s 1973 novel, using it
as a point of departure to discuss women’s cultural roles in
contemporary Western society. Insights from Turner’s British
Cultural Studies, An Introduction; Adam and Allan’s
Theorizing Culture: An Interdisciplinary Critique After
Postmodernism; and John Storey’s What is Cultural Studies:
A Reader as well as five other critical sources are used to
help explain the protagonist’s complex behavior.
Bibliography lists nine sources. KBsummer.wps

Feminist Literary Criticism / Feminist Critical Theory :
6 pages in length. To say that women have had to fight for
their existence within the literary world would be a gross
understatement. Indeed, the road to self-expression through
the written word has been paved with patriarchal intolerance
and characteristic skepticism. That women have been forced
to prove their worthiness within the stringent boundaries of a
male-dominated existence speaks volumes about the inherent
fortitude that comprises the female spirit. The writer
discusses feminist critical theory as it relates to women
writers, focusing upon a story by Doris Lessing.
Bibliography lists 1 source. TLCFemLt.wps

Into Her House, With Flowers : A seven page short story
(fictional) about a woman with severe mental problems who
nonetheless wants to be free to live her own life as she sees
fit. KBstory.wps


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