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Papers On Medieval Times (Page 2)
The Rise of Universities In the Middle Ages : A 5 page
research paper which looks at how this intrinsic part of Western
civilization originated during a time in history which is thought
of as the “Dark Ages.” The writer points out how only a
handful of the Western institutions can claim the continuous
longevity of universities. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

A Medieval Story : This 5 page story takes place in medieval
times. The main character in this first person account is a 16
year old aristocrat. It givers her perception of the commons.
The writer utilizes historical fact to create an accurate work of
fiction. Medfic.wps

Monks in Medieval France / Vows Of Chastity ? : 6 pages in
length. Medieval monks.. did they adhere to their vows of
chastity, poverty, obedience, and sometimes silence? Research
suggests not. Evidence points to excesses in physical pleasures,
especially in the realms of sex and food. The sometimes
perverted sexual habits of some of the monks has been passed
down through anecdotal records. Bibliography included.

Religious Hypocrisy in Chaucer’s “The Monk’s Tale”:
A 6 page paper analyzing the personality of the Monk in this
excerpt from The Canterbury Tales. The paper concludes that to
Chaucer, the sin which the Monk commits by breaking his
religious vows is somewhat mediated by the fact that the dogma
on which the vows were based was flawed to begin with.
Bibliography lists 7 sources. KBmonks.wps

Work in Medieval Times : Occupations and how they were
contained within towns and centers are the focus of this 5 page
paper about the Middle Ages. Some comparison is made to
contemporary society for illustrative purposes. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Medwork.wps

High Medieval Neoplatonism : 4 pages in which
Neoplatonism is defined, compared to today's New Age
Movement, and discussed in terms of the move during the
beginnings of the Italian Renaissance away from Aristotelian
philosophy and toward that of Plato. Discusses the debate
between Islamic philosophers Avicenna and al-Ghazali, and the
resistance of Catholic leaders to accept the doctrine when at the
same time they were relying on some of its tenets. Icon.wps

Humanism in the Italian Renaissance / Two Viewpoints :
A 6 page analysis of two books on this topic--Garin's Italian
Humanism; Philosophy and Civic Life in the Renaissance and
Baron's The Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance: Civic
Humanism and Republican Liberty in the Age of Classicism
and Tyranny. The writer demonstrates how the strengths and
weakness of the two scholarly works are complementary and
argues that studying them both gives a good overview of this
topic. No additional sources cited. Humren.wps

The Transition From Early To High Middle Ages :
A 3 page essay on a few of the points marking the transition
from the early (or mid-) to the High Middle Ages. Briefly
discussed are the influences of rural to urban life and the
ensuing governmental changes, the rise of cultural and
educational pursuits, and the new influence of the church.
One cited reference. Rise.wps

The History of the Holy Grail : A 7 page paper discussing the
sources from which the theme of the Holy Grail was gathered,
and how the theme has changed over time. Sources discussed
include the Mabinogion, Chrétien de Troyes, Robert de Boron,
the Perlesvaus, the Queste del Saint Graal, and Thomas
Malory. Bibliography lists six sources. Grail.wps

Nobility in Medieval Literature : A 5 page paper describing
the role of nobility in the Middle Ages. The writer uses Dante's
Inferno as a primary source, and describes how Dante presented
the noble class. Bibliography cites four sources. Inferno.wps

Prostitution in the Middle Ages : A 10 page paper discussing
prostitution and its evolution during the Middle Ages. Reasons
women entered prostitution, what their choices were, and
society’s viewpoints and condemnation are also reviewed.
Bibliography lists 11 sources. Midprost.wps

Chretien de Troyes’ “Yvain” : A 5 page analysis of de
Troyes’ tale on the subject of how pure love leads to
transformation of the individual—where Yvain and other
characters are representatives of both the personal soul and the
community soul. Bibliography lists 1 source. YvaindeT.doc

Chretien de Troyes’ “Yvain” / Love and Marriage :
A 5 page paper showing how the title character in Chretien de
Troyes’ medieval romance learns to appreciate the value of
love. The paper concludes that in the Middle Ages a successful
man’s life was supposed to be carefully calibrated to include
both love and adventure -- a public life and a private -- and
Yvain erred in favoring one at the expense of the other. One
source cited. Lmyvain.wps

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