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    The Role of the Psychological Contract in Regulating Employment Relationship - A Global Review

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    This 100 page paper examines the role of the psychological contract on the employment relationship in an international context. The paper is written as a dissertation, with a full introduction, literature review methodology and then research using a case study approach. The paper defines what is meant by a psychological contract and then considers the influences on the expectations of the employees and employers that are inherent in the psychological contract. Two cases studies are created and then analysed using international examples the employment relationship in France and Japan, these are examined to assess the theories, and assess the impact of the psychological contract on the employment relationship and how it is influenced by different cultures. The bibliography cites 89 sources.

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    Law 8 2.1.2 Development of the Law Regarding Employment Contracts 11 2.1.3 Implied Terms 15 2.2 The Psychological Contract 23 2.2.1 Defining the Psychological Contract 23 2.2.2 Recognition of the Psychological Contract 28 2.2.3 Manifestations of the Physiological Contract 37 2.3 Equity Theory 42 2.4 Self  Interest Theory 46 2.5 Justice 47 2.6 Employers Expectations 51 2.6.1 Emotional Labour 52 3. Methodology 59 3.1 Methodological Framework 59 3.2 Methodological Approach 62 3.2.1 Books 63 3.2.2 Online Sources 64 3.2.3 Journals 64 3.2.4 Newspapers 65 3.3 Case Study Methodology 66 4. Case Studies 73 4.1 Japan 73 4.2 France 85 5. Discussion 94 References 100 1. Introduction  There are many dimensions to the employment relationship; the way this emerges is dependant on many factors. There are many explicit facers that impact on the employment relationship, that  are reflected in the employment contract, but these are not the only influences on the expectation that emerge from each side. The explicit aspects will be accompanied by implicit elements;  these may vary between different countries, reflecting culture, between different industries and even between different types of job. The psychological aspects that are inherent within the elopements contract, but  are often unspecified are seen in all areas, but are these expectations generally uniform, or are they reflective of national cultures? These expectations may be seen in what is  generally terms the psychological contract. This can be an ambiguous terms, but if it is a force that is present in all employment relationships it will be playing a role  in the regulation of that relationship. 1.1 Aims and Objectives The objective of the paper is to examine the way  that the psychological contract between employer and employee may regulate the employment relationship, and whether this varies dependant on global culture. In order to achieve this a number of aims  will need to be satisfied, these include; * A definition of exactly what is meant by the term psychological contract and the different potential aspects to that contract. * Identifying 

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