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Adolescent Psychology - last page in
subcategory - (Page 5)
The Relationship Between Alcohol and Sex / Physical,
Psychological, Social :
A 5 page research paper that discusses
the topic subject especially in terms of the teenager and
adolescent. The writer offers statistics that are alarming, to say
the least, regarding the rise of HIV/AIDS among our adolescent
population. Effects of alcohol on sexual performance as well as
the effects of chronic use of alcohol are also discussed.
Bibliography lists 6 sources. Alcsex.wps

Adopting Older Children : This 5 page research paper
explores the challenges and joys of adopting the older child.
More challenges exist because these children have more
memories to overcome. The writer explains the kinds of
situations that become obstacles to the child and of which the
adoptive parents need to be aware. Adopting infants is certainly
easier but the writer contends there are joys as well as
challenges in either case. Adopt.wps

Television’s Effects Upon Sexual Behavior : A 7 page
research paper exploring the effects of television on sexual
behavior. The writer focuses upon the changes in adolescent
sexual activity. Specific documented examples of youngsters
mimicking acts they had seen on television or in the movies are
given. The thesis of the paper is essentially that, "Yes, television
does, in fact, impact the degree of sexual activity among
adolescents." Bibliography is included. Tvsex.wps

Influence of Film on Adolescent Sex : This 7 page paper
discusses the impact of contemporary movies on sexual activity
in adolescents. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Teensex.wps

Jerome Kagen : A 5 page paper that presents the arguments
surrounding Kagen's statement that adolescence "begins in
biology and ends in culture." Kagen's comment appears to be in
response to the division among theorists in regards to the
primary causative factor in adolescent behavior--some,
including Gesell, believe that it is biology, while Karen Horney
supported the belief in the cultural influences. Kagen's
statement supports a progression that allows for the effects of
both. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Kagen.wps

The Problem Of Teenage Pregnancy : A 3 page essay on
problems associated with teen pregnancy including emotional,
financial, and social considerations. The writer focuses upon
some of the reasons teen pregnancies occur so frequently with
mention of which measures may or may not be effective in
curtailing the problem. Teenpreg.wps

The Problem Of Teenage Pregnancy # 2 : A 5 page paper on
the problem of teen pregnancy, its prevalence, relevant
demographics, etc; The writer is particularly concerned with
socioeconomic reasons why the problem occurs so frequently in
the African-American community. Implications of the problem
for children, parents, schools, etc; are discussed. Bibliography
lists 7 sources. Teenpre2.wps

The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy # 3 : The implications of
teen pregnancy are explored in this 5 page report. Bibliography
lists 4 sources. Teen.wps

The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy # 4 : An 8 page paper
about teen pregnancy in the U.S. It discusses the various causes
of teen pregnancy; how it effects parents, children, and society
in general; and offers statistics and possible solutions on how to
bring about change. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Teenpr.wps

The Problem Of Teen Pregnancy # 5 : The problem of teen
pregnancy and its solutions are explored in this 7 page paper.
The existing programs do not work so new abstinence based
programs should be implemented; additionally, based on a
study, volunteerism apparently lowers incidence of teen
pregnancy. Thus, sex education and community based programs
should be combined to reduce adolescent conceptions.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Teenp.wps

Teen Pregnancies in Hispanics : A 5 page paper on the rising
incidence of pregnancy among Hispanic adolescents. The writer
examines the possible reasons behind this growth and gives a
suggested solution. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hisppreg.wps

Teen Pregnancy / A Possible Intervention Model :
An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the essential
elements that can be related in a sample intervention model
for the problem of teen pregnancy. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

Teen Pregnancy and Prevention Programs : A 6 page paper
that provides an overview of the social and educational
programs proposed as prevention models for teen pregnancy
and then evaluates them in terms of outcomes. Bibliography
lists 6 sources. Teenprev.wps

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