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Papers on Biology   (Page 6)
The Human Body, Chemistry, & Steroids : Written mostly
from a scientific perspective, this 7 page paper discusses the
chemistry of steroids, bio-physiological implications, and more.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Steroid3.wps

The Evolution of Lungs / From Fish to Mammal : A 7 page
paper outlining the evolution of the lung from the primitive
lungfishes to mankind. Bibliography lists six sources.

The Evolution of Mammallian Ear Bone Structure : A 7
page outline of the characteristics mammals have in common
with their predecessors the reptiles and the features which
distinguish them. Bibliography lists five sources. Earbone.wps

Evolution / Plant & Animal : A 5 page overview of the
evolution of plants and animals. Compares and contrasts the
evolutionary paths of the first plant and the first animal and
traces those paths back to the primordial soup from which that
very first organism emerged. Discusses differences in
anaerobic and aerobic organisms and details the evolution of
mitochondria and chloroplasts. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Oxytocin : A 6 page research paper describing the purposes and
effects of oxytocin. Oxytocin is one of two hormones produced
in the hypothalamus and released by the pituatary glands. It is
called the "touch hormone" because it has been found to be
associated with the bonding that occurs between mother and
child. Studies using this hormone in inducing labor are reported.
Bibliography is included. Oxytocin.wps

Altruism & Proving The Theory of Kin Selection : A 4 page
analytical examination of animal / insect altruism and the theory
of kin selection first presented in the 1960's by Dr. W.
Hamilton. The writer evidences the validity of kin selection
through a discussion of honeybees, spadefoot tadpoles, etc;
Good case examples are provided and excellent biological
reference is included. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

Prey-Size Selection : An 8 page research paper on prey-size
selection as it relates to spiders. A number of relevant concepts
are examined including : aggressive mimicry, pirate spiders vs.
web-invading araneophagic spiders, the role of mimetids, and
more. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources.

Insect Adaptations, Disease, and Control : A 10 page
overview of the insects, their benefits and adverse impacts to
humans. Emphasis is placed on their status as disease vectors.
Bibliography lists five sources. Insectad.wps

Insects As Intelligent Animals With The Ability to Learn :
A 10 page paper describing the intelligence and learning
capabilities of insects. Emphasis is put on social insects. Studies
are described that support the statements of an insect’s abilities.
The main insect in focus is the ant as it is the most thoroughly
studied. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Insects.wps

Proposal For Researching The Reproductive Patterns Of
Armadillidium Vulgare (Pillbug) :
A 5 page overview of
Armadillidium vulgare, the pillbug. Includes a description of
the organism and its habitat preferences. Discusses the
reproductive patterns of the terrestrial isopod and presents a
proposal for an experiment designed to determine if minor
alterations in substrate in a nursery situation can be used as an
effective control for pillbugs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

The Biology of and Current Research in Termites
(Isoptera) :
A 13 page paper discussing termites from
ecological and research perspectives. Ubiquitous creatures,
termites are found literally all over the world except in its
coldest regions—Alaska is the only state of the Union without
some form of known termite activity. There had been
surprisingly little research done until only the last several years,
but the path of that research has differed from that of other
disciplines in that nearly all of it has pointed and specific
purpose, and not all of that in control measures. Only about 10
percent of the world’s more than 2,700 species are destructive.
One that is causing the “Second Battle of New Orleans,” the
Formosan termite, is attracting the attention even of the US
Congress. Much current research is centered on alternative uses
for termites, such as decomposers in municipal landfills and as
supplementary livestock feed. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

Zebra Mussels / Biological & Ecological Issues : This 7 page
research paper describes the arrival of zebra mussels on the
North American continent as well as some projected figures for
their spread. The writer describes the biology of these small,
inedible shell fish and then explains some of the negative effects
they can have on aquatic systems. Since phytoplankton and
detritus consumed by tiny animals called zooplankton which in
turn are eaten by small fish and these small fish by larger fish,
biologists seem concerned that zebra mussels' tendency to eat
the same items could damage established food chains by
removing needed energy from its bottom level. Bibliography
lists 8 sources. Zebramus.wps

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