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Papers On Technology and Society - Modern
Issues - (Page 2)

Does Technology Yield More Harm or More Good in Our
Lives? :
A 6 page paper discussing some of technology’s
potentials for both good and ill, and some manifestations of
each already witnessed. In either view, technology itself is
neutral and is neither good nor bad. It is our use that
determines the worth of it, and only we can determine whether
that use will be beneficial or for harm. In what can be
accomplished through its application, the ultimate conclusion is
that its benefits far outweigh its potential for and history of
abuse. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Gtechb.wps

Technological Determinism : This 11 page paper explores the
theory of technological determinism and finds support in three
articles. The focus is on economic ramifications.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Techdet.wps

Environmentally Friendly Technology : A 20 page research
paper which examines how technological innovation is
working to clean up the environment. The writer argues that
technology is succeeding in this goal by citing numerous
industries that have developed “green” technologies for this
purpose. This paper also speculates that strict environmental
regulations, such as those which have been so successful in
Germany, would result in U.S. industry choosing
environmentally friendly technology and a research study is
proposed to test this hypothesis. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

Technological Advances with the Greatest Impact on
Industry Competitiveness :
This 20 page report discusses
where the greatest industrial and technological advances have
occurred and how they have assisted industry in maintaining a
competitive edge. Issues relating to the “type” of industry are
superceded by the need to utilize the most beneficial
technological tools in all industries in order to stay ahead of the
competition. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Techadv.wps

Computers And The World : An 8 page paper examining the
conditions today that involve the computer and the world.
Many cultures around the world have been deeply effected by
the technological growth that involves the computer. With the
development of the today’s computer and technology, the
world, for the most part, is becoming such that it works faster
and more efficient in relationship to communications and
business. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Worldcom.wps

Y2K / What Does It All Mean? : 21 pages in length. It has
been the center of concern and conversation for years; the buzz
it has created is unprecedented. For an outsider to assess the
situation, one would have no doubt that the world was truly
going to come to an end at precisely midnight, January 1, 2000.
What is all the furor surrounding this particular date? In a
word: Y2K. All throughout the 1990's -- and even earlier than
that -- the world's businesses and governments have been
focused upon the very possible shutdown of all computerized
systems when the new millennium arrives. It seems quite
illogical that the mere changing of a year can instigate such a
momentous situation; however, as the century is finally coming
to a close, people are beginning to realize that there is more
than just a little bit of truth to the impending crash. The writer
discusses a wide range of topics in relation to the Y2K bug,
with particular emphasis upon the banking industry.
Bibliography lists 20 sources. TLC_Y2K.wps

Y2K / Economic Impact of the Y2K [Year 2000 Problem] :
An 11 page paper that provides a substantive overview of the
background behind the problem of computer systems and the
year 2000, and considers 3 possible solutions to calming the
economic panic swelling and critiques these solutions.
Bibliography lists 15 sources. Y2K.wps

Y2K / Year 2000 / Crisis & Management : A 10 page
overview of the predicted computer/communications
apocalypse and management techniques. The author
concentrates on two areas of concern, date coding and the
introduction of viruses based on the millenium and other
biases. However, the larger view is taken of “mainstream” date
coding problems, and considers audit cases and costs.
Mitigation focuses on internal and global management of the
problem. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Y2kcris.wps

Y2K / Can The Y2K Problem Be Solved In Time? :
10 pages in length. Time has run out. No longer can the world
sit idly by in a false sense of security believing that the Y2K
problem will be solved prior to reaching midnight on January
1, 2000. Despite intensive displays of technical modification,
it can be argued that mankind waited just a bit too long before
he truly realized the ramifications of not paying closer attention
to the Year 2000 bug. Now that the new millennium is merely
months away, the writer discusses the last ditch effort being
made on behalf of all the computer systems still out there in
circulation that have not been made Year 2000 compliant -- and
how many of those are systems that control the very
commodities people need to exist. Bibliography lists 9
sources. TLCY2K.wps

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